The next step, Conversational AI

It is our mission to give everyone access to various information through dialogue so that they can enjoy daily life.


We are creating and offering a variety of products related to conversational AI.

Text to Speech

We use DNN to produce a more natural synthetic sound for speech synthesis.

NLU(Natural Language Understanding)

It is possible to cope with various sentences more flexibly than the existing rule method.

Text Classifier

Classify emotions that you feel in Text. We also categorize these texts according to the type you want.

Dialog Management

We train our users role by creating custom simulators. This system is based on reinforcement learning using Deep Q-network (DQN).

What makes us different?

AI Bridge Service

Research to Business

In general, there are many difficulties in researching in research field. We are experts in the field of providing the solutions that are suitable for the companies so that other companies can quickly introduce the latest technologies emerging in this research. Especially since 2015, we have been continuously studying AI related fields, and we are providing appropriate fields and technologies to companies that want to introduce AI technology into the business.